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Why Are NUMEROUS Project Management Software Implementations Still Declining?

Since modern-day Project Management Software solutions entered industry greater than a decade ago, sales of these operational systems have become at a steady increase, with staggering projections to continue. However, while more people may be buying Project Management Software, we see many Job Management Software implementations continue to are unsuccessful still.
Failing, at its central, can take on many forms. When it comes to Task Management Software, failing can mean a minimal adoption rate, un-integrated platforms that lack a single view to customer/partner/prospect data, or an expensive investment without return. Many suppose that as technology has changed, failures have reduced. The C5 Understanding team set out to determine the reality about PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE failure. Is it on the decrease, or are we kidding ourselves in thinking it possibly could be?
Enter: Project Management Software research by Doug Bailey.A study analysis that dives deep into the elusive way to …