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Can we focus on project management everyday ?

How come there such a concentrate on job managers being on site all day, everyday? Was I the sole one which has noticed that? Anytime I talk with clients or colleagues about PRIVATE MESSAGE positions whether full-time or on contract, the target seems to regularly be on being on site all of the time. In today's world of global projects and excellent technology, I might submit that being on site could sometimes be considered a hindrance.
I understand, of course, that on projects where the team is there everyday working on tasks and gifts, etc., someone needs to be there to resolve questions, provide leadership and be sure things are moving as planned. I have been on many jobs where this is the case and i also have found that it is sometimes detrimental to the team to have the PM around all the time. Teams are able to use the PM as a crutch where, rather than exploring the answer to a question or sharing the information with each other, everything needs to route through the PM. This kind of causes elegance level of dependence on the PRIVATE MESSAGE and does not suggest a very trusting environment. If I cannot trust my team to focus on their tasks and gifts just because I was not there watching over their shoulders, then maybe I use the wrong team.

If a PM's job is to provide command, manage team members, speak to leadership, work with suppliers and ensure goals and objectives are bring met, then why does indeed being there every day mean all of this will be done? Will be Presidents and CEOs present everyday at their work environment? Absolutely not, yet extremely work seems to get done. My fear is that the world of project management has become one of controlling, not of providing skills and expertise to successfully put into action strategic initiatives. It may be a question of how often shall you be here, not what value is the organization going to get consequently of this project.

With today's technology, I am reachable anywhere I may be, whether on the beach, at a conference or in my office. Through mobile phone or email, I can almost always be got (except on planes, but that is outside of my control) If there are issues on a project, I am able to be contacted, even easily is not on site. My MO is to evaluate in with my project teams on a regular basis through face to face meetings, telephone and email, although not to be on site all day long everyday for the life of your project. I have found that this works effectively because it forms independence within the team, but also provides a safety net of communication when issues do occur. I encourage my clubs to call me if he or she need to and We want to create open talk. Whenever we see the results, then there is not any benefits whether I am on site or not. You can call me the Virtual Project Manager!


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